Basil Pesto – Industrial Size

Basil’s Pesto is also available in industrial size of 1 kg. The pesto paste is made of only natural and fresh produce. MSG & colorant free. Only the best ingredients are chosen for Naked Earth products.

Serving Suggestions: Great on a Pizza base, with pasta, on a sandwich or various other recipes.

FREEZING INSTRUCTIONS: Suitable for Home Freezing. Use within 6 Months of freezing.

INGREDIENTS: Extra virgin olive oil (olive fruit), fresh basil, Pecorino cheese (cow’s milk, calcium chloride, microbial enzymes, microbial rennet, starter cultures, anti-caking agent, preservatives (lysozyme [egg white], pimaricin), fresh garlic, cashew nuts, salt, acidity regulators.

CONTAINS ALLERGENS: Cow’s milk, egg, tree nuts (cashews).

Basil is the guardian of the fresh produce on the Naked Earth. Many moons ago Basil and Chilli, his trusted companion, set out to find Mother Earth and plead with her to restore Naked Earth to its former glory. They where entrusted with several plants to preserve and cultivate.