Olive Oil – Industrial Size

Frantoio, Coratina, Leccino and Mission olive trees are grown on Tevrede Farm in the Breede River Valley. The olives are hand-picked and cold pressed to produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil..

Serving Suggestions: Great on a Pizza base, with pasta, on a sandwich or various other recipes.

FREEZING INSTRUCTIONS: Suitable for Home Freezing. Use within 6 Months of freezing.

INGREDIENTS: Extra virgin olive oil (olive fruit), fresh basil, Pecorino cheese (cow’s milk, calcium chloride, microbial enzymes, microbial rennet, starter cultures, anti-caking agent, preservatives (lysozyme [egg white], pimaricin), fresh garlic, cashew nuts, salt, acidity regulators.

CONTAINS ALLERGENS: Cow’s milk, egg, tree nuts (cashews).

Olivia, daughter of Mother Earth, travelled back with Basil to Naked Earth in order to make sure Basil used only natural products, used them in a sustainable manner and then report back to Mother Earth